Back to our regularly scheduled comic relief.

The Redhead and I sometimes communicate via IM. Every now and again (ok, like everyday) we pop up on each other’s screens and discuss various random running nerdness. The other day she popped up and this exchange ensued:

Redhead: Samuelson to run NYC Marathon 25 years after LA

Redhead: Will this be us when we’re 50?

B.o.B.: Perhaps. God, I hope so!

Redhead: We’ll be tough old bats by then.*

B.o.B.: True. Hopefully we aren’t living together with 60 cats!
Redhead: Don’t get your hopes up, this could def be a reality. LOL!
B.o.B.: Yes, well then I’ll start picking out names. Fluffy, Kitty Kitty, Smokey, Meow-zers, George….
Oddly enough, last night at the hills I brought up how I would probably be a crotchety old cat lady. And (not really) oddly enough, a few others said they could see it. I mean, I do like cats, even though I don’t have one right now (the attack terrier Lloyd won’t stand for sharing my love). And I am slightly (ahem) eccentric.
As far as the crotchety is concerned, I would think all the running would keep one in a good mood. But then again, all those litter boxes could make one very grumpy. Also do crotchety old cat ladies like to run? I’ve never seen anyone jogging with their cat. I suppose I could find a few who were sprightly and name them Jamoosh and Nitmos.
Just some food for thought.
Here kitty kitty….

The Simpsons Crazy Cat Lady

*Before anyone gets offended we definitely do not think 50 is old. It was merely a reference to the woman mentioned in the article, who could kick our asses at a race. UPDATE: I just came across two of the most hilarious blog posts EVER. Please read here and here for even more laughs. I warn you not to drink anything while reading, lest it come out your nose.