And the winner of the Champion give away is…

The Lazy Runner! Since the Lazy Runner is a dude, I’m hoping he looks good in the pink hoodie and sweatpants. He could always bedazzle the bottom to say something clever like “Lazy Ass.”

In other news, I’m getting super close to my 1/2 Ironman Relay in Augusta at the end of the month. As I noted in a previous post I hit my 12 mile run on Saturday with little incident. Of course, I probably pushed too hard but I wanted to see if I could still run a certain pace at that distance. While I was shooting for a 1:45 goal for Augusta, since that’s my PR, I’m thinking it’s going to be tougher to reach that in this race. My 1:45 PR was from the Cleveland Half Marathon on a chilly day where I just hung on to some random dudes I met. I’d be happy at this point with anything sub 2:00.

Plus, I want to have fun at this race. It’s a no pressure race for me and my buds and I am stoked about the shirts I had made for us. We were initially going to be Three’s Company, remember? But Ironman emailed us and said someone else already had that name. Drats! So we came up with “Two Chicks & a Rick.” Wait til you see the shirts! I love them. Suspenseful ain’t it?

In other, other news, it appears I will be moving in November. Before you get all excited, I’ll still be in Florida and I’ll still be in the same county but I’ll be much, much closer to this…

That’s right! The lovely Bayshore Boulevard. Granted, I’m sad to be leaving the hometown of my youth sorta and my beloved BRA but I’m only about 20 minutes away so my long runs will continue to be with my running buds. More to come on this….

Happy Tuesday!