So I’m sneaking in this post from work (totally supposed to be working, but my student’s are all taken care of for the moment).

I wanted to say happy Friday and that Red is coming here this evening so we can run our 22.5 miler together tomorrow. I’m nervous. Shocking, I know. I just can’t help but get all nervous before these long runs. I’m like Lloyd before a bath! I have to tell myself that I have run two marathons before and a few long runs prior to old wonky’s flare up.

I’m going to do some positive visualizing this evening before my sleep aid kicks in and hopefully I’ll wake up with the “I’ma kick some 22.5 booty!” attitude that I need.

I may also play the theme song from Rocky on a loop on my way to the run start. That or this one. Heh.

Happy Friday homies. Deuces!