Since I put Ironman on bucket list I figured why wait? I’ll just go ahead and do the whole shebang this year. In September.


I’m crazy, but I ain’t nuts.

But what I did sign up for is pretty damn exciting and has the word IRONMAN in it. I’m doing the 1/2 Ironman Augusta as a relay. Pretty flippin’ sweet right? I’m going to be the runner while Aloha Kris swims and our friend Dig will be riding. Since we are two lovely ladies and one cool dude we are team: Three’s Company.*

I don’t know if I’m Chrissie or Janet, but we definitely have our Jack Tripper. Anyone want to be Mr. Roper?

Aloha Kris and Dig, I am totally making us do this pose cause surely this is how one looks after a 1/2 Ironman Relay. Am I right?

I’m all about the three person relay because, it’s a cool race with only one third of the pressure. No pantsing the poop on this one!

Speaking of tri’s, I got my run and swim on this weekend but my bike…notsomuch. I had fully intended on getting in a long ride but the weather was not cooperating on Sunday. I’m going to attempt a moderate ride on Tuesday morning and we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s hoping your weekends were splendid. Happy Monday!

*Thanks to Red for the amazing team name. The girl is a genius. And that’s why I love her.