Happy Friday all! I’m feeling so good right now I think someone slipped me a mickey (whatever that means). I feel recharged and ready to set new goals. Before I get in to all of that I felt today would be a great day for a “Comment Call Out.” I’m basically pulling comments from my posts and calling ya’ll out or answering those heart-burning questions. So here we go….

“Leanne said…
Congratulations! I only found your blog recently but I have really enjoyed following your journey. Your blog keeps me motivated and I look forward to your next adventure.”

Well thanks Leanne. Welcome to the blogosphere. And please keep those comments coming. Especially the ones about how much joy you get from little ‘ol me.

“TNTcoach Ken said…
I’m starting a petition that all stalls should have those rails! LOL…………”

Coach Ken, where is this petition? I’m ready to sign.

“Ron said…
Im thankful for BOB’s transition into triathlon…ready? GO!”

Ron, have you been sneaking around my brain? I think that transition is going to happen this year. Just gotta get that bike situation under control. Is it pedal, pedal, pedal coast or coast, pedal, pedal?

“Kristin said…
I’m thankful for champagne. Your thanks are for something much healthier. Ah ha ha”

Oh my dear Kristin, this week I have also been thankful for red wine, cheese, french fries, frappacino’s, Girl Scout cookies, couches, bootleg DVD’s, and in general – sloth.

“Amanda – RunToTheFinish said…
so so excited for you!!! Did you follow the same training plan as RedHead?”

Amanda, first of all, thansk! Second, I have the same coach as Redhead so our plans were very, very similar. I think hers was a bit more aggressive than mine, but overall very much alike. Email me and I’ll send you my plan if you’d like to see it.

This brings us to the end of comment call out today. Thanks for reading and commenting you crazy kids.

I have a nice little 5 miler planned for tomorrow morning. I’ve been such a total fatty bumble-atty this week that it’s time to get back on the fit train. And yes, I may stop at Dunkin’ this AM. And I may just get that damn donut you all accused me of in the first place. Mmmmm donuts…mmmmmm.

Have a good one and run strong!