Just wanted to share with you all some new artwork I got this weekend. It totally jives with my quest to be hard core.

There is a store near where I live called The Green Boutique (sadly, they don’t have a website). They have the most adorable items. Everything is whimsical and quirky. Kind of like me.

The last time I went in there I fell in love with several pieces by an artist named Erin Smith. Her stuff is so witty but like most things I fall in love with, it is a tad pricey. After my run on Saturday I had no choice but to swing by The Green Boutique and do some shopping. They had some new stuff from Erin Smith and there was one piece in particular that I couldn’t stop staring at.

One of the women working noticed my lust for it and told me I could always do lay-away. Lay-away? Who does that? In these tough economic times I decided, I do. Who cares? I must have it. Lay-away here I come. I paid the 20% down and called my step mom to tell her about it since she introduced me to this cute little boutique to begin with.

About an hour later my amazing step mom called me to say she was coming over and needed some help with an outfit she just bought. She just needed some advice on how to wear it and what to wear it with, etc. I said, “Come on over your fashion advisor awaits.”

You see where this is going don’t you?

She showed up with the Erin Smith. I could not be more delighted. Yes, I am completely spoiled. Yes, my father picked the most amazing woman to marry those 20 plus years ago. Yes, I hung it immediately.

The aforementioned item shows a little girl standing next to a motorcycle. Motorcycles are very significant to me as my dad raced them and they were a special joy to him. Every time I hear or see one I think of him. In addition, the phrase on the piece (in my mind of course) perfectly describes me.*

“i may appear harmless…but inside i’m completely badass”

*The one I got is bigger than the one shown.