Happy Monday peeps! I hit my final loooong run of the training cycle on Saturday, a whopping 22 miler, and I’m so ready for this taper. In fact, I may just enjoy this taper sans the madness. I’m gonna just relish in the down time and less mileage. This B.o.B.ster needs a little break and a little recovery.

Speaking of recovery, remember way back when after MCM when I did some reviews of products I tried from the expo? No. Okay, fine. Well I did. Anywho, at MCM I had come across the Arctic Ease booth at the Expo. I took some samples at the time but didn’t really get to use the product until I was stumbling around after the marathon and lo and behold they had a tent set up and were wrapping people on the spot. I asked the lovely gentlemen at the tent to mummify me in the wraps since they felt so damn good, he thought I was joking for some reason. (Click HERE for original post.)

Since I touted the company’s product without getting any samples for an “actual” review they sent me some new stuff for a review and giveaway. Color me stoked!

The product they sent me to test is the newest version of the wrap that hasn’t yet hit the market. (Yes, I feel super important.) I used the wraps around my quads and upper thighs Saturday after the 22 miler and I immediately noticed that the wraps felt even colder than the product I used after MCM. The original is already pretty awesome but the upgrade is sheer delight. They stayed cool for about two hours and are ready to use again.

The wraps are basically self adhering, cold therapy but without the possibility of frostbite from actual ice. They also stay cold and last for a few hours. They can be reused and don’t need to be frozen. As you can seen from the description this is why I was so taken with them at MCM.

In addition to the wraps, I was sent some cryotherapy pads. I didn’t try these but I assume they work the same as the wraps. But this my friends, is where you come in. I’m having a giveaway! Yay!

Here are the two prize packages, just like on the Price is Right only with a different B.o.B.:

The top photo is a blue t-shirt size M, one wrap, and a cryotherapy pad packet which contains three 4×6 pads. The bottom photo is a tech singlet size S, one wrap, and a cryotherapy pad packet. The shirts both run a little big so it’s worth entering for just the wraps and pads alone. I really like this product and will actually be doing more cool stuff with Arctic Ease so stay tuned. Also, please excuse my terrible art direction and photography. Heh.

How to enter this cool (Get it?) giveaway in three easy steps:
1. Leave a comment saying why you want to try this product.
2. Become a fan on the Arctic Ease facebook page and tell ’em B.o.B. sent you.

3. Send me positive vibes for the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon, mama wants a good race!
Two winners will be chosen on Thursday at random by Lloyd. Or not as random if you send him bacon.

I hope you all had great weekends. Wasn’t there a football game on or something? Kidding!