This has been such a fun weekend. On Friday I attended my work holiday party and then headed to the BRA holiday party. I didn’t stay out too late as my 12 miler on Saturday marked the real start of my long runs.

I was tired during the run but managed to make all 12 without a hitch. Overall it was a good run and I rushed home to get changed and packed for my trip to Orlando.

My bestie in O-town was turning 30 and I had to be there for the celebration. This celebration included ice skating, cheese, a beer, a street festival, lots of laughs between three close friends and a rather embarrassing fall in the middle of the street.

Yep. I went ice skating and didn’t fall. I didn’t fall in the place where it is totally acceptable and even expected for you to fall. I was painfully slow and my ankles hurt from the skates rubbing them, but I did my best geriatric impression around the rink. I kept remarking how it was so stupid of me to be ice skating during marathon training. I mean, I am like a giraffe on ice skates. Tall and lean, yes. Graceful? Not so much. After we finished skating we headed to a little Irish pub, had one beer and then went to the outside street festival. (One. Beer. Keep that in mind.)

As we walked around the street festival there were lots of vendors out and we stopped and chatted with them. We mostly window shopped and caught up on each other’s lives. At one point during our stroll my left foot struck the area around a tree that was supposed to have mulch in it but it didn’t leaving a slight delcine/hole. And you know I was wearing heels. And then gravity followed.

Down went B.o.B.

I felt myself falling but it was so quick I couldn’t stop it. My left ankle rolled and I went down hard on my right knee. My two besties immediately helped and asked how I was. Well, my ankle seemed ok and my knee was smarting, but my ego was bruised all to hell. I will say, I popped up faster than JLo on an awards show.

Once I did a physical check and told my friends I was ok, they proceeded to point and laugh. Quite honestly, that made me feel a lot better. I am sure the entire population of College Park enjoyed the free show. (I’ll be here all weekend folks! Try the veal.)

The rest of the evening was great and we finished it up with a chocolate mousse. Yum! This morning my ankle is a little sore but not cause for major alarm and my knee has a nice bruise on it. Ah, it’s taking me back to when I was ten and fell in front of my house. I am not clumsy and not a “faller” but when I do, I like to go big. (Remember the bicycle incident?)

I really wanted to try Bikram yoga while I was here with my girls, so JCru and I headed to a class this morning. I have a whole post on that coming. Stay tuned.

Hope you all had great weekends and watch out for those tree planters!