I’m back from DC kids! I went up
there last week for vacation and to celebrate this one’s completion
of her first Ironman! And the subsequent great news of her puppy Graham’s
recovery from emergency surgeries. 

“I’m a mutha f@cking Ironman!”
I also did a little sightseeing. Rode the metro to the Newseum and generally sweated my face off during the record high temps in the city.

Foggy Bottom stop. Heh.
Then there was this little tour we did. You may have heard about it. There were A LOT of cupcakes. 
Starting the tour at Georgetown Cupcakes with Katie and her awesome BFF Julie.
Who wouldn’t be this happy while on a Tour de Cupcakes?
Oh God. So. Many. Cupcakes.
Representin’ the Punk Rock Racing with a resting Graham.
I cannot thank Katie and her husband Thom enough for opening their home to me during a chaotic time in their lives. I had a wonderful trip and it was so nice to meet their friends and the pups. I love those dogs for real. 
We did get in a couple of short, easy runs which was perfect for me coming off of my “fake” injury and we also got in two tough (for me) swim sessions. Katie is a force to be reckoned with in the pool. 
I’m happy to be back home in Florida as I missed my Lloyd and my bike. Augusta 1/2 IM training officially started yesterday and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Stay tuned for an actual post on …. RUNNING!