Hola friends! It was a long weekend of NyQuil induced comas and cupcakes. Oh like you don’t wash down your cupcakes with NyQuil. Pshaw. 
That’s right. I got sick this weekend. I initially felt it coming on Thursday during a run of the mill six miler. My legs felt super heavy and I wondered what the heck was going on. Then, I really felt off on Friday morning as I awoke with the always lovely STOD (Sore Throat Of Doom). Ever the conservative, when I couldn’t sleep Friday night due to the scratchy throat and building of phlegm, I decided to take my DNS with my NyQuil and skip the aquathon on Saturday AM. Yes, I was totally bummed, but since marathon training is upon me, I figured there was always next year. My first DNS. I’ll never forget you DNS, never. Tear. 
My weekend basically consisted of: sleep, read Game of Thrones, take some NyQuil, and repeat. Pretty exciting stuff kids. I did feel well enough to see Star Wars on Saturday so that was a big treat, you know, getting dressed and leaving the house and all.
On Sunday, I decided a full day of rest was in order, with the exception of Baby R’s first birthday. No plague was going to keep me away from my Godson/nephew. I had toys and clothes to give him. And a few four cupcakes to eat. Don’t worry though, I was sure not to breathe on him and I’m certain he had a great time.

I did feel a bit better Monday morning but I was still zonked by the time I got home from work last night. Fortunately, the S.O. picked up dinner for us and we watched an episode of Dexter before heading to bed nice and early. I feel 100% better today. I am crediting the extra sleep and NyQuil comas. And maybe, the cupcakes. 
As the weekend looms, I am reminded that I am again moving. Yes. I’m moving. Again. I know, it feels like I just moved. And while it’s only been a year and a half, I’m really going to miss my neighborhood and tiny apartment. I’m not going too far, but my commute to work is definitely going to be longer. Sigh. Oh well, co-habitation, here I we come.