Ya’ll. I’ve been slacking may-jah on the blog lately. I have the usual excuses, work, training, coaching, being a model, etc. Wait. What? Oh yeah! Last night I got to be a model for Milestones Sports Jewelry & Apparel. It was so much fun! They asked if I would be in a few apparel photos on their website and since I’m a total ham, I said, “Sure. Let me pencil you in between Chanel and Givenchy.”

milestones sports shot

Behind the scenes!

Stay tuned for more photos straight from the website! I even got to be a foot model. Fortunately for them, I’m rocking all ten toenails right now. Which leads me to what else is going on….

Well, I’ve been running (oh my lord it’s hot) and swimming (a lot!) and coaching, etc. And I’ve finally gotten my certification for adult & pediatric CPR/AED & first aid. I saved this baby’s life.

CPR baby

Since I always coach when lifeguards are on duty I don’t have liability if something happens at one of my practices, but I would much rather be able to help than stand by watching. Plus, I feel like it’s great to have even if it’s not required by the certifications I currently hold. I got my certification through the Red Cross and I did a part online, part classroom course. I’d highly recommend going that route. I feel comfortable in that I got enough hands on learning but that I also had the steps to take drilled in my head before I event got to the classroom.

Here's a photo of Lloyd just because.

Here’s a photo of Lloyd just because.

Speaking of coaching, it’s been going REALLY well. I knew I’d enjoy it, but it’s making more of an impact on me than I thought. I didn’t start coaching because I thought it would become a full time job, or because I KNOW EVERYTHING but I really, truly do want to help others succeed. And of course, I’m no Olympian or Elite athlete but I know I have a lot of experience and guidance to offer.

swim coaching

Do this, swim faster. 😉

I’ve signed up for a swim meet next month and another trail race in October. Since the S.O. and I won’t be heading to France next month due to his neck injury (he’s fine, just need more x-rays to make sure it’s healing properly), we are planning some U.S. travel in the next few months. It’s been a great summer so far but I’m really looking forward to the fall for all the races I’ve got lined up! I’m still debating a sprint triathlon here and there but time will tell on that.

What’s up with you?