Man, oh man. I am SO far behind on blog posts. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind and the week that I said “see you later” to Lloyd was basically a week where I ate my feelings and cried. I pulled myself together, and while I’m still sad, I’ve been refocusing on the good stuff I have going on. And there is a lot. So, here’s a little currently post while I figure out what else needs to be written.

Training. I’ve been swimming and cycling a bunch. My hamstring was really bothering, to the point of injury, so I shut down running for two weeks. I did a couple of short runs this week and while my hamstrings are tight, they aren’t as bad. I think it may be a bike fit thing as both are tight and the bike is what I’ve increased the most in the last few months. I got a re-fit yesterday so we’ll see how that goes. On the plus side, I’m seeing improvement and really beginning to understand training with power. Also, I think I just wasn’t really gearing properly before. Like at all. And yes, during my ironman. Yikes.

Racing. As it stands I really only two multisport events on the calendar for the fall. My 70.3 and an aquathlon. I was waiting for this hamstring to heal to sign up for an olympic distance event next month. I better get to it.

Coaching. Coaching is still going really well! I am learning so much from Coaches Jon, Nick and Mason. I truly value what Tribal has formed as it’s great to have a collective of coaches to bounce ideas off of and learn from. I can’t wait to watch the Tribe grow. #TribePride

Summer Travel. I’ve FINALLY made plans to go visit the Redhead and Spike and the babies in Chicago next month. Hoping that the hammy is good by then as we are more than likely going to find a race. And of course, Spike and I will eat a bunch of food while the Redhead watches in bemused disgust. In addition to Chicago, the S.O. and I have a BIG trip planned in August. We are heading to Germany!

Reading. I’ve recently come to know of this magical place where you can go and borrow books for free! It’s called the library. And yes, I realize I am late to the game on this I just never got my act together to go get a card. I finally did and now I’m a library going machine! I just finished The Woman in Cabin 10 (meh) and picked up The Nightingale. I still need to finish In the Kingdom of Ice, but I have a feeling it’s going to pick up very quickly. I want to add some triathlon/training books to my list. I’ll take any recommendations on those.

Podcasts. I’m still listening to Up & Vanished. I am really happy that Invisibilia is back! And I’m looking forward to another season of Someone Knows Something. I mostly listen to true crime, but I enjoy others here and there. S-Town was really good but I’m torn on it.

And that’s it for now! Hopefully I can get a write up on that 100 mile race I crewed for and maybe even a report for St Anthony’s or my 10 Mile Xterra race.

Oh! One more thing, I have a race discount you can use for Best Damn Race – any location! Use the code UNICORN to get $5 off. As a bonus, I will be there! Ha!