I’ve done quite a few posts on swimming and running but not too many on cycling. Cycling has always been my Achilles Heel and I’m trying to change that in 2014. I’ve already made the goal to get my tuckus on my bike (or any bike) at least three times a week to reach this goal. Of course, in doing so after having not ridden in quite a while, aforementioned tuckus is ouchie.
Last night, Meghan, Tori, and I attended a flat repair class at a local bike shop and I think it helped calm our fears of changing a flat. I have done it before, but it was in my living room while watching a Youtube video. I imagine during a race, I’ll be a wee bit more stressed out. However, the class was great and really informative and I like learning bike mechanics. I feel so much cooler when I use the actual names for bike parts versus saying, “you know, that back piece, near the wheel.”

There’s still so much about cycling that I don’t understand and it can get very technical. I saw an elite friend post on facebook about a trainer workout and I had no clue what he was talking about. I don’t know a think about watts or power. I did get a cadence meter because I’ve been told numerous times that I’m not keeping a high enough RPM (revolution per minute). (For other non-cyclist-techies, this basically means the rate at which I’m pedaling.)
I am what some may call a “masher.” For some reason, this is just what has always worked for me to get my speed up. In reading more about cycling, this is not as efficient as being a “spinner,” a cyclist who races on low gear with high cadence. It’s way more scientific than what I am laying out here and if you are interested go read THIS article.  
Since the Internet is such a magical tool, I’ve found some cadence drills that I’m going to work on to get myself closer to being a spinner. I found some HERE and HERE.
And because I am like a little kid when it comes to wanting to learn bike stuff, please, please, please let me know what else works!
Happy Friday friends! Keep kicking butt Disney runners and good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!