Hey dudes. Where did my weekend go? And do I say this every weekend? And if so, why? Doesn’t that make me a little nuts? So. Many. Questions.

I hope you all had great weekends thus far. Mine has been uber fun.

Let’s start with the running portion of this weekend. As you all know I planned on running 13 on Saturday but it was not meant to be. There were a few things that prevented me from going the distance a la the band Cake.

First of all, it was humid as all get out. It was like a muggy, thick humid Florida day. The likes of which haven’t been seen in a while. Oh, hello hot, muggy Florida! How I’ve missed you. (Kind of.)

Second of all, we had a new runner join us. This is always cool, but the 10 mile route we run is very complicated. I tried to get him a map prior to coming out, but he forgot it. So like all good runners, we stopped at the turns to direct him. While I enjoyed the little breaks, I was eager to get my run completed.

Lastly, due to the stops and starts I only had time for the 10.38 miles I got in because I had to head in to the office. No big deal really as I was pretty tired and hot from the humidity and temps. So, this 13 miler just wasn’t meant to be.

Last night P-Funk, my sister, my cousin, and I went out dancing. We heart the dancing and really just went out for the dancing. Fortunately, we got a free show with our dancing! The show consisted of people fist pumping, girls dancing like strippers, a very drunk woman flailing about, a random dude who sidled up to P-Funk, and valets who couldn’t find the owners of the cars they parked. Gotta love a night out. God, I’m old. Hahahaha.

We shook our groove thangs and then headed to Denny’s for some late night breakfast. I almost felt like I was 22 again, except I could keep my eyes open and form coherent sentences while eating.

Today is either going to be a swim or a run or both or a rest. We’ll see how it goes. I’m thinking of hitting up the pool for a little reading. Ah, I love a Sunday.

Have a great one. Oh and well done to those who raced this weekend!