Well, this happened.

The other nine look pretty.
I lost a toenail. After one stinkin’ half marathon. I suppose it was already on the way out, it just took a little nine mile run to officially heave-ho. It’s funny that I posted this photo because I swore I’d never post a gross out toe pic. But let’s be serious, those are some pretty, if not all matching, toes. This isn’t my first lost toenail, but it’s the first one I’ve ever lost after such a short time spent running.

As you can see by the above photo (blue goggles, pink cap), I did some swimming this week. Not a ton, but enough to remind me that I love swimming and need to get at it. I miss my Master’s buds and coach.

I registered for another “dash and splash” race and this one is in the open water. Time to get the wetsuit out! This race isn’t until May, so I’m hopeful I won’t need it. “Daddy would you like some sausage?” The last “dash and splash” I did was in a pool and I didn’t race the run portion because Augusta was so close. This time, it’s on!

I’m still a tad sore from Sunday’s run and I’m going to reign it back in this week with running. I ran three of the ugliest miles ever this morning and it goes to show how important it is to ease into stuff. *cough cough ab muscles* Here’s hoping some gentle flow yoga tonight helps.

Happy Wednesday peeps. We’re almost over the hump….