Everyone’s favorite pooping blogger decided to open up the “Day in the Life” post to other bloggers to join in. Since my life is so exciting, I decided to play along. Ok, fine I decided to play along since sometimes it’s difficult to come up with things to write about. I warn you, my life is quite the opposite of exciting. Heh. But on the plus side, there are photos.

I chose Saturday as the day I’d use for my “Day in the Life” post.

I woke up at 5:00 AM to get ready for my first long run of this training cycle. Before I left the house, I hit up the computer to check emails and blogs and such. I may have to give up the ‘puter for a week cause I’m pretty sure I have an Internet addiction.

After getting in my 14 miler, which I was very happy with, I headed to work for a few hours. Not having time to blow dry my hair or put on anything but a t-shirt and jeans, I typically look like a bum on the Saturdays I head into the office. So sorry company but this is what you get for making me come in on a Saturday.

I did some work at work and may or may not have been streaming Ironman Kona in the background. The race was awesome and the Chrissie Wellington cannot be human. She’s absolutely amazing.

I left the office and headed home to change and then it was back out on the road to go put the deposit down on my new place. I am happy with my new location and although I HATE moving it’ll be nice to be close to my sister. Plus I get to drive and run and walk and bike along this waterfront sidewalk which will only be about 2 or 3 miles outside my front door. (Too bad it was overcast on Saturday cause when it’s sunny out here it’s just lovely.)

I then headed over to my sister’s place where I had no choice but to play with my fur-nephews while she finished getting dressed. I love them.

The pooch on the left is Wesley. He is the older brother to the pooch on the right, Bruiser. Bruiser is quite a handful since he’s not a year old yet and has tons of energy. He’s also quite the ladies man.

Once we got to the mall, we shopped our faces off as evidence by the no face below. Har har. I was a little tired at this point because I had a busy day and was all but ready to eat dinner at about 7 PM. I tried on the dress below but passed on it because I think it’s going to start getting cooler soon and I needed to think about fall clothing options.

I didn’t leave the mall empty handed though and got a new khaki blazer, a pretty printed dress, and the candelabra below. It’s from Yankee Candle and I was shocked that all the fall stuff is on sale there and they have their Christmas stuff out. It’s not even mid-October! Bananas!

After dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe, which is super tasty, I headed home and passed out with the new issue of Runner’s World.

That concludes my Day in the Life. Please feel free to join in the fun and post some photos. Sure, our days aren’t exciting, but as SUAR said these represent the wonderfulness of everyday life.

Happy Monday.