I haven’t done one of these “Day in the Life” posts in a while and I figured Saturday would be a good day since I was jam packed with “stuff” all day long. I mean, I could do one where I just lie on my couch for ten hours but I doubt you’d enjoy photos of my television and various trashy magazines. 
Let’s begin shall we? 
Started my morning nice and early with the love of my life, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I don’t normally brew up the flavors but they were running a special on them. It’ll do. And by the way, all of my gigantic mugs were in the dishwasher. I had gone through all of them. Yes, even the Christmas ones. Don’t judge. 

After getting dress I drove down my favorite road to my sister’s place to help her set up for a baby shower. I may have snarled at a few runners out of jealousy. I then immediately said ten hail mary’s for forgiveness. 

The lovely mama to be. Also a blogger and fashionista extraordinaire. She always looks amazing. 

The decorations I helped with. Probably the cutest set of gifts ever. 

I couldn’t stay for the entire shower because I had to head to the local running store, Fit 2 Run. Lazy Runner and I hosted a sign up party for our 5K. It was a success! We’re currently sitting at 500 participants! Holy crap my head may explode.
Miss Kat came to visit and buy her beloved shot bloks. 

Lazy Runner lugging some race stuff out to the cars. We were repping our race shirts so we had to tool around town looking like total matching doofuses. 

After a quick bite to eat, we headed to Sam’s Club to get water for the race. You ever tried to carry that much water? Yeah, we’re gonna need a bigger boat. (Jaws reference.)

After Sam’s I headed back to my sister’s to see Baby R one more time. Please excuse my exhausted face and poor photo that was taken with my phone. I was pretty beat at this point.

And finally, after changing and attempting to look like a normal human being, I headed to Bahama Breeze with a friend and had a lovely margarita. 

What did you do this weekend? I tag you all to do “A Day in the Life” post next week based on your upcoming weekends. Happy Monday.