I’m gonna make this a quick one and get right to the stats! Happy New Year!

Run  117 miles 

Bike 0 miles – Yep. Still not cycling and I’m not sure I see this trend changing anytime soon.

Swim 0 miles – I actually do feel like swimming so there’s a plus.

Strength 3 sessions with Coach Jon & the Tribe. I plan to keep going at least once per week and add back in some yoga.

Current Reads I finished The Heart of Everything That Is, which I really enjoyed, and started the new Anne Rice Vampire Chronicle, Prince Lestat. I read all the other Vampire Chronicle books and reading Anne Rice is like wearing my favorite yoga pants. Super comfortable and familiar.

Current Obsession Leggings/workout tights. I am not sure where this all of the sudden came from because it would appear I’m WAY behind this yoga pants trend thingy but now that I am doing strength sessions I want all the tights.

Current Song Heroes (we could be) by Alesso. I think it’s a good running anthem.

Current Need More running shoes! All the running shoes! 

Current Triumph Eating my vegetables. I even made brussel sprouts. Remember how I posted that I hated them? Turns out, if they are cook properly, they are delicious. Who knew?

Current Bane of My Existence Stupid heel pain. Again. 
Current Goal I want to stay healthy and get stronger as a runner. I know this is a long term goal, but I figure I may as well put it out there for the Universe to help me with. Hi Universe! *waves*
Current Indulgence Basically all of my fabulous Christmas presents. I may have bought myself one or two.

Current Blessings A roof over my head and food in my belly.

Current Excitement Heading to NOLA to see my sister and her family. I cannot wait for King Cake, er I mean, veggies. And seeing my nephew! And running the Rock N Roll half marathon! So much excitement!

How was your New Year? Get drunk under a table or stay in and watch the ball drop?