Run 122 miles with a marathon! 

Bike Let’s just keep it moving…

Swim 5 miles. It went down this month due to my final taper and I’m ok with that because I did get in a few OWS. 

Races Jacksonville Marathon!

Current Reads I read some magazines and recipes on Pinterest. That counts right? 

Current Obsession Reading all the 2013 year in review recaps! I love them. (I’ll post mine later this week.)

Current Song Hm. Not a darn thing. I need some good tunes, any suggestions?

Current Need A little R&R. I forgot how sore a marathon makes you.  

Current Triumph My 7th marathon. It wasn’t a PR but I’m so proud of myself for gutting it out in a monsoon.  

Current Bane of My Existence Stairs. Like these folks:

Current Goal To recover and get my butt in the pool in prep’s for my 5K swim in a few weeks. 

Current Indulgence Staring at all my Christmas loot. Since my family postponed our Christmas to yesterday, I got all my gifts and I LOVE splaying them out and staring at them. 

Current Blessings This body and these legs that carried me 26.2 miles on Sunday. And this heart that wouldn’t let me give up. Did I mention I’m proud of myself? Well, I am. 

Current Excitement New Year’s Eve at home with a few friends, Wii dance party, and poppin’ champagne! 

Have a very Happy New Year!