HAPPY NEW YEAR! Before I get to my New Year’s post, I have to do my December recap. Don’t want to put the cart before  the horse and all that. Plus, I know you all have hangovers and aren’t reading this one anyway. Har har.

Run 131 miles. Yas! I rocked some runs in December!

Bike Pro trip friend still has my bike but I plan to get on it in January. I’ve got a reason for that too…stay tuned. 
Swim 11 miles. Much less than I would have liked to get in for the month but I’m trending way more than I swam before the Frogman in 2014 so this is a very good thing. I just want to finish that 5K feeling strong! You still have time to donate to the Navy SEAL Foundation!
Strength 5 sessions with Coach Jon & the Tribe.
Yoga I uh, foam rolled several times. *shrugs*
Races Nada! As much as I want to race sometimes, I’ve learned how much it taxes my body and I really want to stick to the plan. Coach’s Note: As an aspiring coach I would tell my athletes that all the race all the times isn’t always the best idea. (And yes, I may have learned this the hard way.)
Current Reads I’m reading Americanah and don’t want to put it down. It’s a fiction novel written from the perspective of several Nigerian immigrants who come to American and learn it’s not what they thought it would be. Go. Get. This. Book.

Current Obsession My fancy new Garmin 235. I am amazed with the data and capabilities. I feel like I’m finally in the future. Ha! 
Current Song Not much is really hitting me right now. Bummer.

Current Need More hours in the day, more days in the week, etc.

Current Triumph Figuring out to use aforementioned Garmin. Technology is hard y’all.  
Current Bain of My Existence Sore heels. Yes. This again. Back to regular heel extensions on the stairs I go. (It’s not PF so no one panic.)
Current Goal (Last month’s goal of not missing a workout was a fail.) This month’s goal is to crush the Frogman swim.
Current Indulgence Eating lunch out. This has got to stop. So many calories at restaurants and so many temptations.
Current Blessings My nephews. They make me melt.
Current Excitement Well, it’s official. The S.O. and two of our friends are going to the Tour de France this year! I CANNOT wait to see my favorite cyclists and eat all the cheese. And ride up a mountain…even if I do rent the electric bike! It’s finally time to get back on a bike…