OK so moving on from Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood and back to running. (No Boyz in the Hood style drive-bys yet, I’ll keep you all posted.)

I had a pretty good 18 miler today. P-Funk and I were under pace the whole run and I am pretty sure we hit some negative splits. Woot woot! It’s crazy how 18 miles feels waaaay shorter than 20.

After the run the BRA had our usual Saturday morning breakfast and discussed a few various topics that I thought could use some insight here from my bloggy friends. (List time!)

1. Underwear. Do you wear them even if they are built into your shorts already? Do you cut them out and run with just your underwear? Or do you prefer to “run free?”

2. Stinky summer shoes. Are your shoes so stinky right now that when you get rid of them you might have to call Haz-Mat? Do you Febreeze those bad boys? Or do you just leave ’em in the garage?

3. Songs that play in your head. Ok, so I know some of you run with iPods. I don’t, but the iPod in my head is always playing. For example, when running up a hill all I can hear is the theme from The Jefferson’s. “Well, we’re movin’ on up…to the East side….” And sometimes when I am cruisn’ right along I hear James Brown “I feel good! I knew that I would!” What is in your mental iPod?

Please feel free to comment on one or all three of these deep, thought provoking questions. Enquiring minds want to know.

Late this afternoon I headed to the home of some friends for the First Annual Lawn Olympics. We had four teams of about 8 players each and it was so much fun. In case any of you care, I am really good at fake sports and well, not-so-much at real sports. For example: beer pong – awesome, volleyball – meh, corn hole – amazing, horse shoes – terrible, flip cup – I own you, badminton – please don’t hit me the shuttlecock, please don’t hit me the shuttlecock. All in all it has been a great day. I am tired and ready for bed.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Smell ya later!