Happy Monday peeps! I had yet another uber busy weekend. I’m kind of nodding at my desk actually, which is why I decided to type up this here bloggy blog post.

I hit up a 5K on Friday night and while it wasn’t a PR, I did have a lot of fun. I hit a 23:15, which was still good enough to be in the top 50 finishers to receive a mug. It was hot and about half way through the race I was thinking, “Screw that mug. I’ll just go buy one.” Heh. But, I pushed on and managed to finish only a bit slower than my PR. I would love to break that 22 minute 5K, but I’m thinking now that’s it getting HOT that won’t happen until the Fall.

The race brought many of my friends out including Big Sis and the Brah-In-Law, the Lazy Runner, Caribbean Steve, Cay-See, Speedy Jess: The Sequel, Big E, and new runner (first time 5ker!) Max. Congrats to everyone on a great race!

Saturday night I headed to dinner with the family to celebrate Big Sis’s birthday. We hit up Bern’s Steakhouse and it was, as per usual, AMAZING. Feel free to google it. It’s only in Tampa and totally worth the trip if you are in town. Get this, they have a dessert ROOM. That’s right, an entire ROOM dedicated to desserts. I had this raspberry chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet on the side. Slurp! Thanks to BIL (brah-in-law) for treating!

On Sunday I headed to that paved trail with Dolly. I didn’t sleep well the night before because all of I could think of was, “Don’t fall. Right foot out. Right foot down. Don’t fall.” I met up with Speedy Jess and fortunately, there were no whammies. Of course, I was told that my dismount was a little awkward, but whatevs, I didn’t fall and I’ll continue to work on it.

Speaking of which, my first tri of the season is …. SATURDAY! Eeeee! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. The good news, is that this is the sprint tri and about the same course as the first sprint tri I did last summer. There are some stairs at the Fort that’ll be new for me, but other than that, I think I am ready. Stay tuned as the nervous nelly increases as the week goes on…

Have a great week!