I just flew in from Detroit and boy are my arms tired! Ba-dum-dum. Actually my arms are kind of tired from the luggage we lugged around this weekend. (Remind me to do some weight lifting.)

I know you are going to be shocked when I say that it was cold in Detroit. Moi? Cold? Yes. Really. I chose the dread mill route because of the cold. Yes, I am a big baby.

For the record, working marathon expos is AWESOME. I love the running community. It’s so positive and inspiring. I just really feel the camaraderie at these events. Between Chicago and Detroit I am chomping at the bit to get going again.

Detroit put on a nice expo AND I got to meet TNT Coach Ken.

Um, yeah, so that’s not him, but neither of us had our cameras. We are turrible bloggers. Turrible, turrible (Cleveland Show anyone?)But Ken was as nice and funny as I thought he’d be. Swing by his blog because it’s quite entertaining.
Detroit is no where near what I had pictured in my head. I have friends who said it was very dangerous but not one time did I feel un-safe. We stayed in downtown and walked to and from the expo and even took the people mover to eat in Greektown, which was delish. It’s a lot smaller downtown then I pictured and could really use some economic help. I am happy to be back in the F-L-A and have some stuff I want to discuss with you all this week. Happy Monday – git er done!UPDATE: Slomo, I did not hear about the three runners who died in Detroit on Sunday until this morning. Very sad news indeed. My thoughts go out to their friends and family as well.