Hello Loyal Readers. This is Coach EK, your guest poster for today. As you know, your regular host, B.o.B., is winging her way to Chicago for her cheering/pacing duties during the marathon. So, she has turned the forum over to me today. Actually, she tried to turn it over to Lloyd the Attack Terrier, but he had an important nap appointment, so the honor fell to me.

Anyway, on to today’s topic – Do you remember your first time? And before we go any farther, we are not talking about *that* first time. Minds out of the gutters – this is a running blog. I am talking about the first time you laced up some running shoes and headed out the door to try this “running” thing.

My first time was way back in the dark ages – the 1970’s. It was 1978 to be exact. I was in high school then, and had visions of running on the track team. At my school, track was in the spring, so we had to do a fall sport to prepare. Cross-Country was the logical choice (I mean football? – c’mon). So I had the summer to get ready for the Cross-country thing. And that meant running. O.K. How hard can that be?

So, one morning in June of 1978, I decided it was time to start. Heading out the door, I was dressed in a white cotton T-shirt, jean shorts (very fashionable), tube socks, and $10 K-mart gym shoes. There was no watch, GPS, GU, Sport drink, wicking material, headlamps, or any other modern item. Just me and the open road.

I had planned a 2 mile run, plotting it out from a map in the phone book, It was all of 2 miles. How hard can it be?


I did not know about pace, or splits, or miles, or stride, or any of these modern ideas. It was just go out and run. For about a mile. Until I got a side stitch. And eventually had to stop. And walk home. Yes, running could be hard.


The next day, I was back out and did it again. And this time – I made the 2 miles. And I have not looked back since. And 31 years later, running is one of my best friends, in good times and bad. It has been there for me, to comfort me and test me and teach me.

Who knew, from that one run all those years ago, where the road would take me?

What a journey!

So, do you remember your “first time”?