This weekend was a full on blast. I love-love-love the week after a marathon because I’m basically a sloth with a penchant for a nice glass of wine, perhaps a beer or two, and the most delicious foods I can get my hands on. Now don’t get me wrong, I got in my recovery runs, which included a six mile jaunt on Saturday, but I also got in some recovery food and beverage(s).

My weekend also included seeing a movie (Underworld. Entertaining but nothing to write home about) and a long over due bike ride with Dolly. Since I stayed out way past my bed time on Saturday night I wound up taking Dolly out for a ride solo later than I had planned. And because most of my riding buddies had already started or wanted to ride a lot farther I got alone time with Dolly to get reacquainted. The good news is that I had no issues with clipping in or out and we racked up 21 miles fairly easily, aside from that slight beer headache. Heh. It’s funny because 21 miles used to seem like a big deal to me and now I tackle it with a hangover. Don’t judge me, I was still in recovery week. Ha!

The only thing that did happen during this ride was that a couple decided to bring out their very small son to this multi-use trail to ride his bike with training wheels. I totally get that it’s a multi-use trail and everyone should be able to enjoy it. However, the parents were riding in front of this little guy and he was swerving like Demi Moore on a whippet.

As I approached I said “on your left,” no less than four times. He, being about 6 or so, had no clue and didn’t seem to hear me. I was almost at a complete stop before his mom got him to move over. Needless to say I was ticked because that could have been very bad. I’m not comfortable enough with my handling to just zip around him. Had he made one swerve in front of me we both could have been hurt.

I told his dad as I passed that they should put the little dude in between them and he basically rolled his eyes and said, “Yeah, yeah. Keep riding.” Of course I then told him, “Well good luck then and don’t be alarmed when your kid gets run over.”

Normally I wouldn’t have said anything but since I’ve seen an accident out at this trail before I felt that I should at least warn them. I am going to assume that the later I ride out there the more of this I’ll see because most of the “serious” riders start earlier. Since I now have to switch into tri-training mode I’ll be sure to keep those beer headache rides to a minimum.

I did watch the first half of the Superbowl yesterday but mainly just for commercials and the half time show. My two cents: the Egyptian opener was a snooze but the Like a Prayer ending made up for it. I’d love to be as fit as Madonna at 53!

One last thing, my girl Strawberry E has started a blog and her first post is her recap from the Miami Marathon. Swing by her blog and say hello!

Happy Monday!