Man, this week is FLYING by. I’m still basking in the glow of my 5K swim. I may get a shirt made that says, “I swam a 5K.” I know this isn’t a big deal to for real swimmers, but dang, it’s a big deal to me. I love it.
I swear I’ll stop talking about the swim in a week month or so.
I’ve got a really fun weekend planned and I may just go to the Gasparilla parade. Tampa has a big, huge pirate party this time every year and I haven’t actually been to the parade in a few years. I used to go every year back in my early 20’s. You know, when hangovers didn’t last 48 hours. Ah, those were the days.
I’m thinking this year, I’ll go, see the crazy 20-somethings and remind myself why I’m happy to be 33 and no longer trying to make a drunken “Arrgh” sound sexy. Haha.
In addition to pirates, there will be workouts, of course. Thus far, my three bike rides a week has been going pretty well. We had a cold snap and I was trainer bound this morning. That trainer is the pits. I’m looking forward to an outdoor hammerfest with Coach Steve on Sunday. Well, maybe just the outdoor part.
Coach Steve has a phrase when it comes to triathlon that I’m going to implement and repeat now and again on this here blog. It’s a Coach Steve original and it makes a lot of sense: “Don’t Be the Carnage.” He basically wants his coachees to hold it together for all three disciplines so at the end of any race they aren’t, well, “carnage.” Hopefully these hammerfest rides help get me past being the carnage at Ironman Chattanooga. Only time and training will tell.
Happy Thursday everyone!