Quite unlike the Disturbed song, I am not down with the sickness. I woke up on Black Friday and went for a little run with P-Funk. During our run I felt sluggish and tired. Then we window shopped at the mall and I felt a little tight in my chest. When I went to bed Friday night I had a feeling it was coming.

By Saturday morning it was a full on cough. No ten miler for me. Side Note: Go Gators!

This brings us to today. I am a coughing, snotty mess. I hate being sick. I am hoping it’s not a flu, piggy or otherwise. My insurance doesn’t kick in until January so cross your fingers that it’s just your common cold.

My big plans today involve Dayquil, Mucinex DM (the DM around here stands for Deep Mucus!), tomato soup, and some Turner Classic Movies.

Hope you all have a lovely, hacking-cough free Sunday.