It’s official. I’m injured.
I have been dealing with this back of the heel pain since November of 2013 when I was training for the Jacksonville Marathon. With physical therapy and rest I was able to get through the marathon and then took a lot of time off of running to heal so I could get through ironman training.
Ironman came and went (hooray!) and I didn’t have any pain. I ramped up my running again, but not more than I felt was safe and under the watchful eye of Coach Jon. I had been training in the Hoka’s for the ironman and after that race I switched to a neutral shoe with not-as-much Hoka cushion. (I’m not sure if this is the culprit but I have since switched back to a light stability shoe.)
The pain came back at the end of December and I started my at-home-PT again and figured I could manage it this time too. Not so much. It’s more painful this go round and hurts for a longer warm up time than previously. I am almost 90% certain that it is not plantar fasciitis but is tendinitis. I have read multiple articles on the type of pain I have and it’s in the back of the heel, doesn’t move around, and I can press on a spot that feels like a bruise in the tissue. I’m not ready to see a doctor as I really think they are going to tell me to R.I.C.E. it. And that’s what I’m going to do.
I’m also going to hit the pool. And I don’t mean for swimming.
It’s time for a little aqua jogging deep water running (DWR). I was told that DWR is much more hardcore than aqua jogging. And we all know how hardcore I am.
Like a kitten with a gun hardcore.
I’ve been through injuries before and I’m definitely interested in figuring out what imbalances are keeping this heel thing around. I know it could be partly over use but I also see that as it’s a recurring issue I have something going on biomechanically that needs to be addressed.
On the plus side, I’m not really freaking out about this. I feel strangely calm and know I’ll be fine after some rest. Running really used to be my only form of exercise so I think triathlon has really helped me realize that I can get just as much satisfaction out of other types of cardio.
I’m glad this is coming to the surface now in January, instead of a few weeks before a big race. I’m probably going to bag the Rock N Roll NOLA race at the end of this month but that’s totally fine because it’ll free up a couple of hours for more King Cake, er I mean, bead catching.