Remember when I posted about the Do What You Like Least Challenge? No? Hm. Ok, go HERE for a refresher. I’ll wait.

I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world, it’s laughing plastic, it’s fan– Oh. Hi. You’re back.

The DWYLLC was created in order to get my butt on the bike and KC and Summer’s collective butts in the pool. I’d have to say it worked really well for me. I can easily be peer pressured into just about anything. Jumping off a cliff? You guys doing it? Hell yeah, I’m in!

Seriously though, it really did help me get more motivated to ride and is truly helping me get more comfortable on the bike. I’ve gotten better at drinking from my water bottle and have felt myself relax my kung-fu grip on the handlebars. And while I did enjoy getting more rides in it was super hard to arrange my schedule to get 5 in with the running I need to be doing for my upcoming races. I feel that the bike is so much more involved then running and swimming. Of course, that could just be my thoughts since it’s what I like least…

In addition to just getting more comfortable on the bike I had no choice but to learn how to fix a flat tire after my first attempt at ride number four was a fail. I had planned on ride number four for an early AM ride but when I got to the start of my ride my front tire was completely flat. This was on Friday morning mind you, so I had no choice but to ride Saturday AFTER my long run.
Here’s how my week with the rides broke down:

1. Monday – 18 miles (plus 1 mile swim)

2. Tuesday – 12.89 miles (plus 5 mile run)

Wednesday – 0 miles (5 mile run)

3. Thursday – 12.85 miles

4.Friday – 0 miles and a flat tire FAIL and no swim due to a storm (This Friday can suck it.)

4. Saturday – 12 miles (12 mile run, no photo cause I just forgot. My bad.)
5. Sunday – 18 miles and DONE! Woot!

Sunday PM = Celebratory wine!

Since the minimum amount I had to ride was 12 miles, and I have a convenient four mile loop nearby, I started calling this the Tour de Twelve. Heh.

I highly recommend you all challenging yourselves to do what you don’t like doing. It’s been rewarding and dare I say that biking is becoming something I no longer loathe. Granted, I still have a long way to go but this five day challenge was worth it. Now get out there and DWYLL!