Ah Monday. Back to the grind. And hopefully back to not being such a slacker-ass-slacker. I seem to have shaken some of it off and got in my long run on Saturday. The run was gonna be a 12 miler (take that leftover vacation dieting!) but due to the humidity and supreme bonking that happened around mile 7, I cut it short to a 10 miler. My overall pace was still about a 9:00 minute mile even with a couple of walk breaks. Me thinks I went out to fast. Oops.

In other news I did a whole lot of nuthin’. I saw a couple of movies: Unstoppable (AKA Stoppable) and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (AKA fairy things are creepy!). I did some shopping (what the hell retailers, it is almost September and YOU think Floridians need LONG sleeves already!?!).

Since I have been uber busy at work it was nice to relax and take it easy this weekend. As a total side note I’ve found that I sing the same songs in my head when I’m running and was wondering if you all did the same. Because I think it’d be fun to share those songs, here’s my list of random songs that play in my head during a run:

1. Movin’ On Up (Theme song from The Jeffersons) – While running up any type of incline.

2. It Keeps You Running – Love me some Doobie Brothers.

3. I Feel Good – James Brown always appears when my endorphins kick in.

(Seems fitting that I’ll be in Augusta, GA at the end of September since it’s the birthplace of The Godfather of Soul.)

4. Everybody Hurts – Yeah, this REM classic arrives when I am struggling during a long run.

5. Forever Young – The 80’s one gets going in my brain at the last mile but the word “young” is replaced with “mile” (yes, I know it doesn’t rhyme but I can’t help it. I’m nuts.).

6. Random booty song with the lyrics “Oh baby you can do it, just put your back into it.” – Um, yeah my 90’s booty music phase never quite ended and I’ve found booty music can be most inspirational. I am sure this song is referring to running and swimming. (This one also pops up while swimming for some weird reason.)

Those are the regulars that I can think of right now. You all have random running or work out ear worms?

Happy Monday.