Lately I have been having the hardest time getting up in the morning. Even when I go to bed early, I laugh at my alarm and re-set it and go right back to sleep. Yeah, that’s right. I actually re-set my alarm. Hitting the snooze button eleventy times wasn’t gonna happen because I knew damn well I wasn’t getting up. I guess because I took such a long break from getting up at the ass crack of dawn, the habit to do it again was definitely broken.

Almost resorted to this.

I made a plan this week to resume my swimming with the YMCA Master’s group and to get my butt back to Body Pump. The lack of cross training has been evident in how my body feels. As much as I want to just run, run, run, I know that my body needs to use muscles differently to balance them all out and strengthen the ones that I don’t use as often. My hammy/glute issue is acting up again and I know it’s because I’ve been missing and not doing (ahem) the exercises I should. I need them so that hammy doesn’t go all angry sorority girl on me.

When my alarm went off early Tuesday AM, I got up. I argued with myself but pushed through those first few minutes of wanting to crawl back in bed. I did the same thing Wednesday morning and again this morning. I am winning the war against the alarm clock this week. Suck it alarm clock!

Fortunately, this week, I’ve had a bit of a comeback on the getting up early to workout front. I can say honestly that it makes a HUGE difference for me with how the rest of my day goes. Granted, I was exhausted yesterday and fell asleep super early. But I get so much more done in the morning before work and I feel way more energized throughout the day.

With regards to that hammy/glute tightness, I had an epiphany earlier this week. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before and I’m sure a lot of you already know it, but,  I realized I need to look at those strength exercises as training workouts and not “homework.” They are part of my routine and need to stay that way. Ever think of it like that? Makes total sense to me.

Happy Thursday everyone! Ever fight the alarm clock battle? Did you make your therapy exercises part of your training plan?