We runners are quite the disgusting lot aren’t we? Today, as I was reading the BRA group’s page (we have a group page through Yahoo to keep in touch, like that’s a problem…) a topic came up as to who vomitted the most times after a long run. I believe someone was even keeping a tally. Not to be outdone, someone, who shall remain nameless had to throw in that they had an IV and want to know if it counted. Of course, prior to this I had to boast about having the most GI issues.

Ahhhh bodily functions and runners.

Why is it that we feel it is so ok to discuss these things? I think I had run maybe 4 miles with P-Funk before I divulged my PC (poopy cramps) issues and then of course it went from there. Not only do we discuss our many illnesses, injuries, and farts we also discuss everything else.

At work, I am pretty private. I don’t really discuss my life outside of work too much. Of course, everyone knows I’m a runner, but I don’t get into too many personal things. Now the running group on the other hand, they could probably all tell you my blood type, last boyfriend’s mom’s name, and what I ate for dinner last night. Even more stuff if I’ve ever run more than 5 miles with them.

Now, all this sharing started waaaaay back before I decided that these folks were my friends, which they have obviously become. I just wonder what it is about running that makes us all such open books. Boredom? Bonding? The heat? Trying to take our minds off of the run and the miles ticking by? Could it just be the way we are as a society right now? Facebook, twitter, email, text, this here blog: all tools for SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

What say you blog land? Why are we runners such over-sharers? Or is it just me?

Speaking of me…did I tell you about the time….oh brother. Here we go again.