I made it! I completed my NWW last week and fortunately, I didn’t kill anyone. I was on the verge so instead of attempting to drag out the rest period into another week, I went to spin this morning. Everyone gets to live. 
Last week had some highs and lows. I was pretty miserable not working out but I did have a great time with a fellow injured runner, Cuban Running Crisis. I made us a lovely meal. Only 50% of it store bought and heated. She brought us a lovely wine. And we discussed life, running, and the universe. 
I also got in my cleaning, bought a new book, and took an outdoor yoga class on Saturday. While it wasn’t completely fruitless, I have to admit it was terribly boring to not workout. I mentioned on FB and twitter that people who never workout must be insane, this lady agreed and said they were all probably homicidal maniacs. Heh. I also ate and drank more than I should have based on the fact that I was burning about, oh let’s say, zero calories. I definitely eat when I’m sad or bored so I know that working out actually helps me save calories in addition to burning them. 
Thus this week I have to reign it in. No more bottles glasses of wine and definitely no more cookies or cupcakes. What? I just kept seeing them at the grocery store and they looked so sad. Really, I was helping them out. 
Knock on wood, but even after I was a complete maniac in spin class today my leg is feeling fine. It was sore when I started spin but hasn’t been “twinging” after like it was the week before last. I definitely think the week off was a good idea. I’m going to try to keep it easy this week but still get in some quality bike and swim time. 
Happy Monday! How were your weekends? Anyone race?