Funny how this blog post title came to mind before even the content did. Yesterday was my attempt at a spin class in the morning and then track (speed work) in the evening. The spin class went great! I was a spinning machine, a veritable leg churning monster. Hell, I could have made electricity at the rate I was going. I finished the class feeling strong, starving, and ready to head to work and take on the day.

I was looking forward to track all day because I had missed a couple of weeks post marathon. Coach EK had some crazy plan worked up for me in his mind and I couldn’t wait to get out there and go all roundy-round on the asphalt. My legs felt fine all day and as I love speedwork, I thought I was ready to go.

Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. I arrived at the track and did my warm up with P-Funk. I then got with Coach K who said we’d try some speedy 800’s. He told me to stick around 3:25-3:30 for four of them.

So what do I do? I hit the first one like a bat out of hell at 3:16. I’m fairly certain this is the fastest 800 I’ve ever run. My legs were rubber by the last 200 and I wondered if I could do another. I took my recovery lap and hit the second 800 at 3:30. I was completely sucking wind the second lap around the track. My shoulders were killing me and my throat was hurting. By the third 800, I hopped in with Hollster and Cute K, only to make it 400 before I threw in the towel. I just wasn’t right.

As I tallied up the excuses, I felt like a horse’s ass explaining why I had such a bad workout. “My legs hurt.” “My throat hurts.” “Must be getting sick or suffering allergies.” “My shoulders hurt from spin.” “Waaaaah!”

Truth be told, these excuses are more for the ego than they are for anything else. I know we runners sometimes feel the need to explain why our workout didn’t go as planned and I think it’s more for ourselves to save face, when in all reality our running buds don’t really think anything of it. They just want us to be able to run again and not be hurt. Why is it so hard for me to just say, “I had a bad day.” I know I’ll be back at the track next week and I know why things just didn’t go my way last night. A silly combination of stuff just happened. As they say, shit happens.

I’m taking this as a lesson, and hope you all will too, sometimes workouts don’t go as planned and there really is no need for the excuses. Chalk it up to “I had a bad day.” We do it with work all the time, why not do it with the one thing we use to relieve the stress, not cause more?

*Steps off soapbox*

In other news, I have a sweet weekend lined up. I’ll be swim, swim, swimming this evening and hitting up my long run in the AM tomorrow. On Sunday I’ve got volunteer duties for the local 5 & 10K my running group sponsors. I’m actually the volunteer coordinator so I’ll just be yelling at people to “give them water!” and “get that car off the course!” Heh. Sunday after the race is an OWS. Here’s hoping there are no cootie bungalows* floating around.

Also I wanted to share with you all this hilarious cartoon from a shirt I got from my friend, Ze German. Totally fitting right? I don’t peddle crap since Dolly is da bomb, but I did totally look like the final square of this cartoon when I fell….

TGIF peeps. Have a great weekend!
*Cootie bungalows are what my friends and I call that random stuff in the ocean that brushes against you and you aren’t quite sure what it is/was. Shiver.