I’m so sad #bethmonth is over but I seriously cannot put into words how fab it was. I love me some February! It was a great month of rebuilding on the running front. And I even snuck in a swim and yoga!

Run  76 miles 

Bike 0  (Meh, just didn’t feel like any saddle time.)

Swim 1 miles
Strength 4 sessions with Coach Jon & my Tribal Multisport buddies

Yoga 3 hot yoga classes

Current Reads I finished The Collector last week and it was quite disturbing. I was in the mood for that so it definitely fit the bill. It’s “hailed as the first modern psychological thriller.” If you want to read something that is creepy and will keep you thinking about it, then this is for you. Thanks to a birthday gift card from Meghan, I ordered The Girl on the Train and will start that as soon as it arrives.

Current Obsession Panera Bread quinoa bowl with chicken. It’s warm and savory and delicious.
Current Song I actually just downloaded a Motown album. Was just feeling like some Supremes and Temptations in my life. (If you want a new song, I really LOVE Sia’s Elastic Heart.)

Current Need A little more sleep. I’m pooped. I am blaming lots of racing and sun this weekend.
Current Triumph My 10K! Not a PR but such a confidence booster. Don’t call it a comeback….
Current Bane of My Existence The seeming oncoming of summer…we are completely skipping Spring, Florida??? 

Current Goal A well executed 15K at the Gate River Run on the 14th.

Current Indulgence The TV show Backstrom. It’s pretty entertaining and really awesome to see Rainn Wilson (AKA Dwight Shrute) in a whole different character. On the other end of the TV spectrum I’m so sad Parks and Rec is over. I loved that show.
Current Blessings The end of Best Damn Race “season.” The S.O. gets to take a little breather until the next race and get a bit of much needed R&R. I’m thrilled with how well all four races went for him this year. He’s gonna take over the world.
Current Excitement So much fun stuff planned for March! I get to see my Redhead bestie and all of our fantastic Orlando friends and I’m hosting another Stella and Dot party!