Happy March! I’m feeling lazy and don’t have a Daily Mile graphic for you today. Just envision it, mmmkay?
Last Week’s Workouts
Life seemed to get in the way last week and that’s ok. I need to remember that I train for races for fun and if I’m needed in other areas of my life, it’s totally cool to miss a workout. My family and job come first so I just fit in those workouts where I can. I’m learning this as I go and working on not feeling major guilt for missing something.
Monday – Finally used my new Garmin 910 in the pool and thought it was THE coolest thing ever. I may never count laps in my head again. Got in my 2,500 yards in the PM.
Tuesday – Slept in due to the return to TRACK TUESDAY! I’m worthless at track if I do much else that day so I didn’t feel bad for not swimming. The workout was a perfect way to return as it was 6 x 800’s. I kept them all at or just under 3:32.
Wednesday – Life. I had to take my mom to the airport on Wednesday early and on Wednesday PM I didn’t want to swim or bike before my long run on Thursday.
Thursday – I decided to get in my long run on Thursday AM and was so happy that Brad could meet me for this run. We had 12.26 miles to catch up and our pace stayed around 9:05 which was much, much better than last week’s long run. Cooler temps and a great running buddy helped. I did get to spin class Thursday night and didn’t kill myself, but enjoyed the class regardless.
Friday – Swam 2,500 in the AM. Locked myself out of the house and then headed to Orlando to volunteer at Best Damn Race.
Saturday – Got up SO early to volunteer at Best Damn Race and LOVED meeting some Instagram/Blogger/Twitter friends IRL.
Sunday – Pedal for Pups 70 mile charity ride! Sooooooo fun! Full recap later this week.
February Stats/Recap
Run 81 miles (Hooray for bumping it up!)
Bike 280 miles (Yowza!)
Swim 13 miles (Same as last month. Go figure.)
Races Nada. Couldn’t fit any in.
Current Reads I finished three books in February.
Orphan Train which I borrowed from Megan S. It’s about the great depression and a train that carried orphaned children to the Midwest in search of families to adopt them. The families range from folks looking for people to work their illegal businesses to people looking for a nanny. It’s pretty sad actually. There is a story intertwined with the history, but in general I found this book to be quite sad despite it’s “happy” ending.
Gone Girl I got this book from a friend as well (HI GATOR!) and it was just as good as everyone says. I don’t want to give anything away so go read it. Right now.
Bel Canto Friends raved about this book so I was excited when I saw it at the used bookstore. However, I just wasn’t as enamored with it as I expected to be. I didn’t find the ending all that satisfying but the overall story was interesting to a certain degree.
I’m starting The Magicians today and have The Alchemist on deck.
Current Obsession My new Garmin. I swear, it does just about everything.
Current Song Nothing comes to mind right now. Guess I better put out some music feelers.
Current Need New running shoes. It’s time to switch it up. After four cycles of Brooks Ravennas, I think my feets want a change.
Current Triumph Sticking with my three bike rides per week, not quite perfectly but definitely better than I have the past.
Current Bane of My Existence A really painful hang nail on my thumb. I’m not kidding. That’s all I got. (Yes, I’m counting my blessings!)
Current Goal Hang on to these solid workouts through March to get through my second 70.3
Current Indulgence Buying a bunch of stuff on Zulily. I got some Tom’s and I’m dying for them to get here!
Current Blessings The vacation days at my job to go see my nephew and family in New Orleans this week. I CANNOT wait. WHO DAT!
Current Excitement See above. I leave on Thursday and plan to see lots of the Big Easy and lots and lots of my sister, nephew, and brother-in-law. Let me know if there’s something I must see, eat, or do.
Checking in on 2014 Goals I’m doing great with reading and training. I plan to do much better this month with eating at home for dinner and bringing my lunch. Beth Month sort of derailed my nutritional plans. I did try one sorta strength workout last month so that’s a big fail but I swear I’m going to add in core and strength at home if it kills me!
How was your week? How was your month? Are you staying on track?