Welcome to Thursday peeps! One day until TGIF. I am looking forward to my early morning long run on Saturday and some HOT HOT HOT sprints/intervals tonight.

Last night was one of the hottest 5 milers I have ever run and I am sure it’s just going to get hotter. In my very own homage to David Letterman (love him) I have created a Top Ten List. Ok, here we go:

Top Ten Indications It’s Too HOT To Be Running:
10. You consider drinking out of a random house’s hose.

9. As you exhale the breath that blows back on your face feels like you are standing too close to a furnace.

8. The rain that fell before the run is turning into steam on the sidewalk.

7. The chattiest of your running group are dead silent.

6. You periodically curse yourself for signing up for that upcoming race.

5. People in their A/C’d cars are pointing and laughing as you run by.

4. Your running shorts are stuck to you in every place imaginable.

3. You drink your recovery beverage in Guinness Book record time.

2. You race a small child to the water fountain.

And the #1 Indication It’s Too HOT To Be Running :

1. You consider running naked.