Hello humans, it’s me, Lloyd. I’m taking over the blog today because mom has basically lost her mind. She came home from work yesterday mumbling about a 5K, a long day at work, and not posting her Thankful Thursday something or other. Then she promptly fell into my bed and only rubbed my belly for one measley minute. I’m not even joking you. Do I look like I’m joking?

Since it’s all about me and I’d like mom to get some free time for longer belly rubs, I figure I can write this post for her and help her out.

Let’s see….uhm, today I’m thankful for snacks, belly rubs, slow moving squirrels, and that mom’s been too busy to bring out that loud sucking machine she moves all around floor. It freaks me right out. So there you go. Thankful Thursday is done.

Moving on. Mom also meant to mention to you humans that she’s hosting her very own 5K, whatever the heck that is, and if you live in or around Tampa, she’d love you to participate. I’m not going because someone has to keep the bed warm. Snort.

There is a button up on the right hand side that you can click on and it’ll take you right to her 5K. Not sure why or how, but it’s there.

And lastly, mom is still talking about some dude named Hampton. I was trying to get the scoop on this guy to see if he’d be bringing me some treats to get on her good side, but so far….nothing. I wonder if he made her mad by being late. I know she hates that.

Anyway humans, I hope this helps mom so we can get back to our regularly scheduled belly rubs. Cause if Lloyd ain’t happy, then, Lloyd ain’t happy. And we don’t want that.