I typically post a Friday confession deal but I’m short on sins this week and felt like mixing it up. And, as always, I do what I want. Plus, I love a list and this is a great way to sneak one in. Ka-pow! (The use of “boom” has completely jumped the shark so I’m offering some options for you guys. Starting with “Ka-pow!”)
1. As I mentioned in my last post, I have TWO sprint tri’s next weekend. I’m going to try really hard on the first one and the second one I am going to have fun with. This is mostly because the second one is hilly and I’ll probably be real tired so my excuse will be, “Oh, I just wanted to have fun with this one.” If I show up to that one on Sunday in a clown suit, you’ll know I meant what I said. Blammo!
2. I got to ride Thursday AM with the lovely Jesica from Runladylike and my current cycling BFF, Meghan. My ride was short as I had to get to work and we chose a trail that had nine hundred thousand cross streets. It was a turd. However, it was great seeing Jesica and I believe the remainder of their ride was much better once they got off that stupid trail. We took a pic but I can’t find it so just imagine us looking all cute with helmets on.
3. Speaking of helmets, I finally bought a new one. I had been rocking the hell out of a Wal-Mart special that I purchased way back in the day. The padding was worn to almost nothing and thus the helmet was trying to eat my brain. (Good luck with that!) I got a fancy Giro that matches my bike. Yessah! (I’ll work on these.)
4. There is a 99% chance that I’ll be registering for a 5K open water swim. FFS that’s a long swim! I’ll be swimming for-ev-er. It’s a fundraiser so be on the look out for more of my asking you all for donations. Does fundraising ever become really annoying? I personally am never bothered by people requesting donations so long as the cause is just and the money really truly goes to the charity.
5. And just because I lurve you guys so much, I’ve decided you need an earworm. And I’ve found the perfect summer song. Sharing is caring. Have a great weekend!