On Wednesday, this lovely lady sent me a fantastically fun website called Gizoogle dot net. It’s basically a translator that turns all interweb sites into sites written by the dog father, Snoop D-oh-double-G-ya-see? I had no choice but to gizoogle the hell outta my blog and the blogs of my friends. It’s seriously a least ten mintues worth of laughing your face off. The sad part is that my blog was more entertaining in dog speak. Hm. Maybe they are on to something here.
I give you an excerpt from yesterday’s Thankful Thursday post in Gizoogle.
“In lookin at mah Daily Mile flava I realized dat I haven’t had a non-workout dizzle up in a full week. I’ve muthafuckin* gone fo’ a run tha past five days up in a row. I’d be lyin if I holla’d I wasn’t gettin all cracked up on hustlin again. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. I can’t help dat shit. Once a runner, always a runner. That bein holla’d, I think itz time fo’ a rest day. Bikram yoga last night helped soothe mah musclez yo, but todizzle calls fo’ not a damn thang. Woot!

As I mentioned, I be hustlin a shitload lately but I know dat come tri season I be bout ta be annoyed at mah craptacular bicyclin game. My fuckin poor Dolly is just chillin up in tha corna lookin pitiful. I straight-up intend on gettin a ride up in dis weekend. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Please hold mah crazy ass ta dat shit.”
Yes. It’s quite hilarious and inappropriate. Which, you know, I love. I think my favorite part though is the final line of Thankful Thursday.
“Today, I be thankful fo’ funk challenges wit playas. What is yo ass thankful for?”  
Of course, you can always go to the Gizoogle texilizer and it’ll translate whatever you type in. Pretty cool right?  
Happy Friday peeps! If you’re racing, good luck!   AKA   Kool as fuck Fridizzle peeps, muthafucka! If yo ass is racing, phat luck, muthafucka!
*I don’t condone all of this cursing but you have to admit it’s funny.