I don’t talk a lot about nutrition and food on this blog, because quite frankly, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m a big fan of keeping my mouth shut on crap I don’t know a lot about. I’m also a fan of letting people eat, drink, and workout how they see fit and what works best for their body. I’m kind of like Switzerland. Not saying I don’t ever raise an eyebrow at something that seems kooky to me, but generally, I live and let live.
All that being said, I read the hashtags on twitter and the blog posts about shakes and diets and what not and I’ve tried almost all of them. I’ve mentioned on this here blog how I gained a lot of weight in college and the one thing that helped me the most, besides becoming a gym-rat turned runner, was the South Beach Diet. I read the book, followed the plan, and for whatever reason, this method stuck.
After reading Katie’s post the other day on what works for her and what she’s been doing it really forced me to take a look at how far I’ve gotten away from South Beach. I called her up and we chatted for a few on our past eating habits and how I feel like Katie is a always more than a few steps ahead of me on training and nutrition and for that I am grateful. I love when she learns something new because then I get to read about it on her blog and thus, I learn something new.
Anyway, going back to my eating habits and thoughts on food, I have a sordid history with food. I love eating. I don’t say that as an “OMG I love food! I’ll just eat a slice of pizza,” person. I say that as an emotional eater who will eat an entire pizza if given cause. I used to have serious binge sessions (without any purging) and I come from a long line of folks who like to eat their feelings. Happy equals eat, sad equals eat, insert emotion here equals eat. Yes, I am that person. I am keeping it real with this post because sadly, I do feel a shame in admitting this.
I’ve come full circle with food and now try very hard to eat when I’m hungry and enjoy those treats I do allow myself. Lately, those “treats” have been sneaking in more than I’d like, and I know part of it is because the S.O. and I eat out too much. And of course because I was using my workouts as an excuse to eat with reckless abandon. 
I think the bottom line in all of this is that I need to go back to my roots. I am not going back on South Beach, but I do think the principles of that diet (along with many, many others) are the best way to eat. And it’s definitely the old K.I.S.S. method. Keep it simple stupid. Don’t eat all the sugars. Don’t eat all the carbs. Try to like and eat more vegetables (I’m not a good veggie eater). Drink lots of water. Eat some fiber. Eat some healthy fats.
I’m currently in a mind set that I want to get leaner to get faster. I know not everyone is in this head space and I should want to eat healthier to feel better and be healthier (like my wise friend Katie). That will be added benefit for me, for sure. The carrots that are currently dangling in front of me are HITS Ocala 70.3 and Ironman Chattagnooga. I’m hoping I can remember these races as I pass up the monthly birthday celebrations held in my office.*
How do you eat? What veggies are your favorite?
*If an occasional chocolate slips by, that is ok. And it’s ok for you too! I’m anti-food shaming!