Dear Blog Friends,
I’m very sad for our dear blogging buddy Katie. She just finished her first IM and should be celebrating. Instead, she’s very worried for Graham. You see, Katie has three gorgeous golden retrievers and one of them is very sick. Graham is Katie’s first dog and you can see how much she loves him, and her two girls, in almost every Wordless Wednesday post she writes. 
As a pet lover this breaks my heart and I know I’d do just about anything to keep Lloyd around for as long as possible. 
Thankfully Katie has some wonderful friends named Amy and Liz who are asking for help via PayPal donations. I donated. It wasn’t a lot, but I think every little amount counts and I know how thankful both Katie and her husband Thom will be. 
Please head over to Katie’s blog and help out in any way you can. Even if it’s not monetarily, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the love and kind words.