Um, yeah, so I, er, uh, missed Thankful Thursday. What the crap, right? Let me just say that lately I have been a bit scatterbrained. I have been feeling pulled in many directions and am starting to look like silly putty over newspaper. It could just be still getting used to the new work schedule or a side effect from all the toe eating.

I will be at the Disney Marathon this weekend to support my very good friend Dasiy (yes, like the Duck!) in her very first marathon. I am stoked to be there for hers, since she was there for mine. If you will be out there as well shoot me an email and we’ll have a meet up.

Now since I didn’t post yesterday, I rounded up a few things I am thankful for. And, of course, list form shall ensue.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Fun co-workers who also enjoy quoting “Coming to America.” “What is that velvet?”

2. Layers of clothing. Uh, yeah it was 25 degrees here yesterday morning. Twenty five. (I AM IN FLORIDA!)

3. CD’s that can be used every year as ice scrapers. (Who wants to listen to PM Dawn anymore anyway?)

4. The TV show Supernatural, because Dean and Sam are HOT.

5. Starbuck’s gift cards from Christmas. Mmmmm lattes!

6. Friend’s who appreciate your jokes and neuroses (not that I have any).

7. Body Glide, because really we runners can’t be thankful enough for that stuff.


9. Biosilk Silk Therapy. Sorry for all the hair care talk but that stuff is THE BOMB.

10. A good night’s sleep.

Have a great weekend folks. By the way, someone has their first 18 miler of this training cycle on Saturday….cross your fingers!