I have recently been reunited with my New Balance running shoes. While I enjoyed the Pearl Izumi’s I didn’t really LOOOOOVE them, the way I’ve loved the previous New Balance models I’ve worn. I know everyone has a go-to brand and I usually skip around, but I typically come back to New Balance. They just like my feet. Or rather, my feet just like them.

I was asked to host a give away of – drum roll please – FREE NEW BALANCE RUNNING SHOES – from Online Shoes dot com. They have a HUGE selection of running shoes and gear, check them out here.

I will now ask that you sell your first born. Score perfectly on the SAT. And donate a kidney in order to win.

Just kidding. I’ll get to that.

They have lots and lots of New Balance and since NB is such a killer brand, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a pair that is the Sonny to your Cher. The peanut butter to your jelly. The left foot to your right foot. The…well, you get the picture. I am currently rocking THESE badboys on my runs and I like a cushiony-stability shoe. But you can certainly look at some of their minimalist styles. Whatever wets your whistle, ya dig?

Back to that whole entering thing, I can’t make this too easy cause come on, it’s FREE SHOES. But I don’t need a pint of your blood either. Here’s the multiple ways to enter, and I don’t care if you do them all in one comment. My email inbox doesn’t need to explode, kthanks.

1. Head over to the New Balance page on Online Shoe dot com and tell me what you want. Value of up to $100, they’ll pay shipping.

2. Like Onlineshoes.com on Facebook or Twitter (I don’t Twit or Tweet or whatever so just let me know mkay?).

3. Follow this here little blog.

4.. And finally I want ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Heh. Just kidding again.

I will pick the winner at random using the always lovely randomizer.com and I’ll let you all know in next week’s Thankful Thursday. Now go like, tweet, and follow your little hearts out.