1. I still haven’t painted that missing toenail.
2. I know I said I’d back it off with the running but … I ran six miles last night. I swear they were “easy” miles.
3. My old roommate’s pet name for his junk was Miles. Snort.
4. I’m excited to run again tomorrow AM with my new running bud Lee. *Waves* Hi Lee!
5. I’ll be real happy when this race I’m co-hosting is over. It’s been a challenge, but I know race day will be a blast!
6. I don’t want to ride my bike. You’re shocked, aren’t you?
7. I will sign up for another triathlon soon.
8. I got locked inside a yoga studio on my lunch break yesterday. I went out a back door because I couldn’t get the front door unlocked and I didn’t want to interrupt the class to tell them I was an idiot who couldn’t unlock a door. In my panic to get out and not be seen, I left my yoga mat there. D’oh!
9. I still have my birthday balloons in my apartment from my birthday that was exactly one month ago.
10. I need to get my hair did real bad. I’m debating a big color change. Then again, I’ll probably just keep it the same.
11. I just realized my love of cottage cheese and now I’m obsessed. Gross right?
12. I have a super fun wedding to attend this weekend and I’m thisclose to going out to buy a new dress. I only have 4,323,453,453 to choose from at home already.
Happy Friday friends! I’ll be sure to have more shenanigans next week. They don’t call me discomBOBulated for nothin’.