I haven’t done a Friday confessions in a while and man-oh-man do I have some stuff for you all. As always, please feel free to share your confessions in the comments. I like to know I’m not alone as a “sinner.”
1. I run in crazy ass outfits when I am not running with others or it’s dark out. Yesterday after work I had a 30 minute tempo run. Picture this outfit: chevron striped tank (blue, orange, pink), purple running shorts, rainbow striped injinji socks, and black and blue Brooks shoes. It was as if Punky Brewster dressed me in the dark.
2. I was so sweaty when I got home that I just got in the shower with my running-outfit-of-many-colors on. I didn’t have any other clothes to throw in the wash so I just figured I’d rinse these and let them dry so some of the stink got out instead of just sitting all sweated up in the hamper.
3. Also pertaining to yesterday’s run, it was only a 30 minute tempo and while I did also run yesterday morning, it really shouldn’t have been too difficult. However, within the first 10 minutes I thought I was going to die. I had to say to myself “NO! You can do this.” I’m confessing here that I doubted myself, AND fought back. Go me.
4. I have touted how I’m a “writer” now and I’d like to clarify that I basically write junk mail. It’s a very specific junk mail and to a targeted demographic but still…junk mail. (I’m not complaining though, writing for a good paycheck is still writing! Plus, I love my job.)
5. Speaking of work, this is so silly, but on days I wear my hair in a ponytail I wear more make up. In my crazy mind I think I’m offsetting the way I look in a ponytail (which I don’t really like, even though I’m one 100% of my running life). Basically, I look like Jane Fonda circa 80’s fitness DVDs. Ponytail and lots and lots of eye shadow.
6. At the advice of many solid runners and my coach, I started rotated running shoes. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I still prefer one shoe and I still like the really cushy “foot pillows.” I can’t help it. I may be a one shoe kind of girl.
7. I hate my coach. No wait. I love my coach. Nope. Hate him. Ugh. Love him. Hmmm…
8. I almost felt like riding my bike the other day. Almost.
9. I’m doing an open water swim “race” tomorrow. It’s basically on a whim and I haven’t really been swimming all that much. It’s a mile so I figure I can handle that. We shall see…
10. I only signed up for the swim because it’s sponsored by Hooters and you get free wings after.
Happy Friday everyone! Have a fantastic weekend. And if you’re heading to Boston, safe travels!