I haven’t done any Friday Confessions in a while and it’s because I have been really good lately. I mean, good at not being a complete goofball. However, I do have a few items to confess and you all can give me ways to repent or gain forgiveness or what have you. For example: Say ten Hail Mary’s and do ten push ups. (I’m probably only slightly better at push ups than a t-rex.)
1. Speaking of t-rex…I have done ZERO strength training this month. Not a push up, not a sit up, nary a plank in sight. And…I have ZERO excuses.
2. I ate two donuts at work the other day. They were delicious. I may or may not actually feel bad about this one. It is BethMonth after all.
3. On the topic of eating, you all saw my lunch on Wednesday. Mexican food and guilt FTW!
4. I really love this blog post by Lauren Fleshman titled Keeping It Real and while I love the idea, I just don’t think I can take a photo and post it of my thighs or belly. Maybe I can gain courage to do that one of these days. It’s an outstanding idea and I’m really proving her point with these food confessions aren’t I?
5. I have acquired quite the selection of swimsuits and there’s this blue one in particular that I’m currently fond of. It’s just a plain blue suit, nothing fancy. However, I think it’s a bit too big in my bottom because I get the distinct feeling that when I flip turn it goes a little haywire in the rear end and I end up swimming with partial butt cheek popping out. I am not 100% sure on this because I can’t see myself from the pool deck and I have yet to be kicked out of the place. Will I keep wearing it? Probably.
6. Speaking of scantily clad things, I went to purchase a special Valentine’s Day “outfit” from a…uh…romantical store…and as I sat my selection on the counter the salesperson said, “Oh this is cute. I used to dance in the white one.”
7. I think number six may be TMI but this is my confessional after all and we’re all adults here right? Crap. Now I wasted number seven on a non-confession.
8. I fully confess that number seven is just a filler because I want to get to ten as I like even numbered lists that go to ten.
9. I had to take a tiny book reading break because I was getting all consumed with reading. I mean, like Candy Crush style consumed. I’ll start a new book as soon as it arrives from Amazon and have to set some reading boundaries. I think I missed an entire conversation the S.O. had with me during the last one. Haha.
10. I’m not a Valentine’s Day person. I mean, I like it okay but I don’t expect anything on it and am totally cool with just a diamond necklace, earrings, and two dozen roses. Kidding!
Happy Friday and Valentine’s Day!