This week, being no different than many other of my goofball weeks, provided a few things that I need to confess to you all. In doing so, I remind myself that my life is pretty hysterical and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, except of course if I was to switch lives with Blake Lively. I’d be totally fine with that. You hear that Karma?!? Blake. Lively.
1. As I mentioned yesterday, I almost got hit by a car because I wasn’t wearing a back light. I take partial blame for this dude who almost smooshed me like a bug.

2. I spent entirely too much money at the grocery store. I never do that but apparently I’m very, very, very hungry right now.

3. Speaking of hungry, I’ve become the office snack scavenger. I’ve been known to go from cube to cube looking for snacks. I’m open to trades when I grow tired of my granola or trail mix. Or Cheez-Its.    
So Hungry I Could Eat A

4. My Wednesday night run has become the bain of my existence. I cut it to a whopping three miles this week. I’m just already so tired from my Monday mid-long run and Track Tuesday. Hopefully I can get this worked out because damn Wednesday sucks. I don’t care what that camel says. 
5. I surprised a policewoman by knowing what the word “baggie” was in slang.
6. I have zero desire to do crossfit. There I said it. You wanna know why? I don’t want hand callouses. Or muscles. Ok, well I sorta want muscles but I definitely don’t want callouses. I’ll keep those on my feet thanks.
7. After typing #6, I got a little worried about some crossfitters kicking my ass. Totally possible.
8. I’m hungry right now. I’m also sensing a trend here with my confessions. Lots of food stuff going on. Somebody pass this girl a cupcake.
9. Ok, so remember how I registered for that small race in Tennessee? The one with all the swimming, biking, and running? Yeah. That one. I’m really very nervous about the bike course now. I’ll be biking a lot come January. If you ride past a face on the street, don’t worry, it’s mine. I biked it right off.
10. I took facebook off my phone so that I would stop looking at it so much. I have to say that it has helped a lot with that addiction. Twitter on the other hand….
11. And speaking of social media, I don’t love linkedin. Why is someone saying I’m great at training when A. I’m not a trainer. B. I haven’t been a trainer since 2003. C. I have never worked with them. Also, it’s a little too “open” in terms of searching for people. I’ll keep my account though because “they” say it’s important. Whoever they are.
12. I’m getting my hair did tomorrow after my long run. (And a shower, natch.) Sadly, the times of coloring it just because I want a change are a thing of the past.
13. I’m DYING to put up my Halloween decorations.

14. I swam 2,550 this morning. I wasn’t planning to do so much but it snuck up on me. My arms are gonna be sore!

Happy Friday peeps. I hope you all have awesome weekends! Wear safety lights if biking or running in the dark!