1. I may be buying a new bike real soon.
2. I secretly hope a new bike will turn me into a cycling goddess, but I suspect it will not.
3. I’m real tired. I’ve had an uber busy week.
4. I am hoping to see a freind next weekend that I haven’t seen a very long time. She isn’t on ANY social media sites (whereas I’m on all of them) and I have zero idea what she’s been up to. It’s been fun to imagine different scenarios. Like what if I show up to meet her and she’s eight months pregnant? Or what if she decided to shave her head bald? (I have a weird imagination, I know.)
5. The S.O. and I have signed up for a 5K on Sunday.
6. I am thinking I’ll be slow but whatevs. I’d like to see where I am right now with my running. It has to be a better time that my last 5K with that giant freaking bridge.
7. Speaking of bridges, I met up with some friends Thursday at 5:30 AM to run bridges. There were kids hanging out at the beach. I assume they never went to bed. I cannot even imagine how I used to do that myself. Redbull and vodka probably.
8. Father’s Day always makes me a little sad but it also reminds of how lucky I am to have had such an amazing dad.
9. I’ve been seriously thinking about my diet. There are so many bloggers who eat so healthily it’s shaming me into trying harder.
10. I found a lovely pool near my new home that is just wonderful. And they have long course in the morning!
11. Long course is exhausting. Where is the wall? Where is the wall!?!?
12. Last night I sang the entire theme song of Different Strokes to the S.O. and his buddy.
13. I’m SUPER excited about the upcoming Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life event. I’m on the volunteer board and I love seeing how a ride is put together. Sign up for the Tampa ride HERE. Donate to my fundraising HERE. Read an amazing story about a little girl with CF who got a lung transplant HERE.
14. I can’t get enough of this song.

TGIF friends! Got any confessions for me?