1. I was going to post my review today of a waterproof iPod but I want to use it one more time before I do. I am all about an honest review.
2. I registered to volunteer at Ironman Florida in November. Great Caesar’s Ghost! What have I done!?!?!
3. I want to buy every single pair of these.
4. No really. I REGISTERED TO VOLUNTEER AT IRONMAN FLORIDA. (You all understand what this means don’t you?)
4. I’ve been so very good with my diet this week. I want to get in better running shape. Ok, that’s a lie. I want to be in good going-to-Puerto-Rico-next-week-on-vacation-and-wearing-a-bikini-a-lot-shape.
5. You see how there are two number fours? Yeah. Totally did that on accident. I confess. I cannot count.
6. I have fallen in love with swimming all over again. I’m thinking about getting certified as a swim coach. It doesn’t seem too intense if you go the USA Swimming route. Hm.
7. Speaking of coaching, I’ve decided to make my own running plan for the Chicago marathon. I figure that I’ve run enough marathons to know my body and what I need to do. I’ll consult with some of my coaches, but I’m going to put it all together for myself. I’ll share it with you guys after it’s all hashed out.
8. I am dying to see the new Great Gatsby. Leo! Swoon.
9. I’m retiring from race directing. It’s way too much work with a full time gig and quite frankly it stresses me out way too much.
10. I have not been reading lately. I love reading but I just haven’t been doing any. It’s time for a new book. Feel free to leave suggestions. Pass, on the chick lit.
Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t over do it on those cervezas y margaritas comprende?
P.S. Spell check tried to make cervezas, cervixes. Bahahaha!